re-inventing and innovating the way to do real estate

Maraid Realty and Partners: Mission and Vision

In 2016, two visionary women join forces to reinvent the way to do real estate by creating MaraiD Realty & Partners™… a cloud-based real estate brokerage, technology-powered and full-service brokerage. MaraiD was developed with one essential Mission“Help Real Estate Agents become Successful Real Estate Entrepreneurs”

with The founders of MaraiD Realty and dream maker Dr. Mary Rodriguez and the entrepreneur Aida Garcia from the beginning were very clear about the Vision of the company: To Provide the Best Real Estate Service to our Clients through Professional Agents and with the Most Advanced Technology

These agents™, due to their commitment and contribution to MaraiD, are called and treated as Partners. That’s why MaraiD Realty & Partners ™ was created.

MaraiD is doing The Difference

The brokerage is powered by Cloud Technology.

The co-founders Dr. Mary and Aida G., understood the limitations of the brokerage/agent relationship firsthand. They knew they knew that the traditional form model has become obsolete.

MaraiD Realty, the brokerage of the future, uses technology to provide agents with the tools, marketing materials, contracts, platforms, technology, lead management, listings, and support they need through a fast, intuitive, technology-driven platform.

We are creating a 100% digital platform that gives our realtors the flexibility and the possibility to create, develop and manage their 100% online real estate business. We are constantly adopting intelligent technology, technology based on the cloud to facilitate the work to our female agents. We are an Agent-Centric real estate company. Our agents are our priority.

Our Impact

In MaraiD our agents could Build their own Brand and live the Lifestyle they deserve

While MaraiD’s technology grants our agents the opportunity to work from anywhere, anytime, and in any device our true difference lies in that we treat our agents as Partners, and our redefinition of success. By marrying industry leading technology, with an agent-centric approach that disposes of archaic industry standards, MaraiD Realty & Partners is becoming in a fastest growing technology driven real estate brokerage in Florida.

Our Philosophy

As Agents gain Strength and Money in the workplace… households take on a whole New Vibe.

We are convinced that within each person there is a special being with Unlimited Power and Wisdom”… We only need the right Focus, Goal and Motivation.

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