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More Frequent Questions and Answers

What is the Corporate name of the Company?

MaraiD Realty “LLC” is the corporate name. MaraiD Realty & Partners™ is the DBA.

Why Maraid Realty & Partners™ is the Cloud-Based Real Estate Brokerage focused in help Realtor Women?

Because MaraiD Realty was created:
1- By women thinking about the prosperity and well-being of the female realtors.
2- To accelerate the professional and economic development of the women in real estate.
3- To Unlock Unlimited Business Opportunities for female realtors and help them become Successful Real Estate Entrepreneurs
4- We are focused on disrupting the old systems in place, and inspiring a new generation of women realtors who lift as they climb.
5- The founder are women that believe In the Positive Impact of professional Women in the Society, Families, Business and Communities.

What is the MaraiD Realty’s Mission??

Help female agents Become a Shining Icon in the Real Estate Business World and Connect them with Like-Minded Women.

What is the MaraiD Realty’s vision ?

Be the Cloud-Based Real Estate Brokerage working as a Business Incubator for Businesswomen within the real estate industry.

What are the requirements to be able to join MaraiD Realty & Partners ?

  1. Be a Woman
  2. Be a Realtor
  3. Have an Entrepreneurial Spirit
  4. Be a Collaborator
  5. Want to be Financially Free
  6. Open  to Learn and willing to Teach
  7. Be full time in the real estate business with at least 2 years of experience or 5 o more transactions closed. Rents do no count


Is MaraiD Realty a franchise?

No, MaraiD Realty locations are company owned.

Does MaraiD Realty provide training ?

Yes… All of our trainings are virtual or through webinars.

Does MaraiD Realty and Partner offer coaching?

Yes. We offer an One-2-One Business Development Coaching Program for our Realtors Partners.

Do you give leads to the agents?

Yes. Our company maintains mixed marketing campaigns with the objective of attracting potential buyers and sellers.

Does MaraiD Realty offer Residual Income?

Yes. We have a powerful sponsorship program that allows you to earn an unlimited residual income. For more information please go to our Residual Income page

Does MaraiD Realty offer Transaction Coordination Service to its agents?

Yes, and is FREE.

Does MaraiD Realty offer Error and Omission Insurance?

Yes, and is FREE for our agents.

Tips and News That Help Women Realtors Think Outside the Box

Grow your real estate career with tips, trends and other insights. MaraiD writers are realtor women, and most of the information on their Videos and Blogs are based on what they have done in their Real Estate business…

What other Benefits does MaraiD Realty & Partners offer to its Realtors?

We recommend you that to know all the benefits please go to our Benefits page

Have MaraiD Realty a network where its Realtor Women can interact?

Yes. We have a private and professional network in Facebook. As soon as you join our company we give you access to our network of Realtor Partners, where you can share your experiences and learn from other professionals.

Have MaraiD Realty and Partners an office space to work from? Can I work from home?

MaraiD Realty is a cloud-based real estate brokerage with zero physical infrastructure. We does not typically provide office space. But our corporate office is located in 7900 Oak Lane, Suit 400, Miami Lakes FL, 33016.

Because we are a cloud-based real estate company you have the flexibility of work from your home and from anywhere.

What is MaraiD Retirement Plan?

In MaraiD we recognize the work and the effort of our agents because undoubtedly, they are the ones who help us grow. That’s why we are created an Exclusive Retirement Plan for our agents. No matter where you are when you retire, you may even be living in another country, your retirement income will arrive month to month. The details of the plan and its benefits are explained to you at our first meeting.

What is MaraiD Sponsorship Program?

One of the biggest benefits we offer to our Realtor Partners™ is the opportunity to sponsor other Realtors and create their own Realtor Network. There is no limit to the number of Realtors you can recruit. This will allow you to earn unlimited and increasingly Passive Income. In this way your income will not depend only on your work, efforts, or your own sales … but on the effort, time and sales of those Females Realtors that you recruited and are part of your Network. 

In other words, 80% of your income can be generated by your network. You earn 10% of the gross commission generated by each of the members of your sponsored agents  and for each transaction. No matter where you are or if you are on vacation with your family … your income will NEVER STOP.

Can I work from home?

One of the advantages of working in a Cloud-Based Real estate Brokerage is that everything you need to run your business is in the cloud and can be accessed from everywhere and in any device. You can work from home, on vacation or your child game.

How do I get paid?

Commissions are paid through eCheck (Electronic Checks) directly to your email account. No matter where you live or are, the payment of your real estate commission comes to you immediately … is within a click.


Can I work part-time?

Agents are independent contractors and do not have a set schedule or hours. Our structure works great for a part-time realtor. All are more than welcome too our real estate company.

Can I recruit female agents in other states?

For now just in Florida. Very soon you can sponsor other realtors partners in any state that has an Executive Broker.

But if you are a brokerage or a team leader with more that 10 agents in your group, and show productivity we can analyze the possibility of opening another office in the state and city where you operate or operate the realtors sponsored by you. If this is the case contact Dr. Mary Rodriguez the broker owner at 786-267-7222 and will be a pleasure for her to talk to you.

Are there any monthly fees?

When you join MaraiD Realty there is a monthly technology fee of $49.99. But if you join our company during this pre-launch period this fee is for you … FREE forever.

Is there a limit on agent sponsorships?

There is not LIMIT on how many agents you can refer to your network of Realtor Parners™, and also your income is unlimited with no cap as well. As long as both agents (Recruiter and Recruited) are active in MaraiD Realty and your licensees and in good standing. 

What Services does MaraiD Realty Offer for the clients?

We are a cloud-based Real Estate brokerage that offer a Full Real Estate Service:
• Residential Real Estate
• Commercial Real Estate
• Professional Relocation
• Insurance: Home, Life, Renter and Business Insurance
• Residential and Commercial Financing
• Real Estate Consulting
• Loans Consulting
• Real Estate for Physicians (Special Service)
• Real Estate Education and Training
• Mortgage Broker-in House (Residential, Commercial and Private Loans)
• Title and Escrow Services
We love help our busy clients reach their Real Estate goals.