MaraiD is the Key That You Need
For Your Real Estate Success

Be Part of the Growing Company that Empower Women to Step into their God-Given Gifts and Overcome Fear… all while Learning How to Take Their Business to the Next Level

Hi, I am Dr. Mary Rodriguez!
A Real Estate Broker that have the goal of advance women in real estate and help them to make money doing what they love. Our challenge, mission and motivation is help female agents make money by living their dream and passion… For that reason, we have created MaraiD Realty & Partners™ and we turn our mission and vision into our life project.

Why the Realtors in MaraiD Realty are called Partners?

Because we are convinced that…  without the work, focus, entrepreneurship, collaboration and passion of our female agents, we cannot achieve our mission, vision and goal: Transform the personal, business and spiritual life of 100,000 female agents… in the next 5 years.
Be Woman. Be Realtor. Be an enterprising. Here you earn More than 100% commission, Unlimited Residual Income and Unlimited Referral Bonuses.

Maraid Realty Realtors

Why is this cloud-based real estate brokerage focused mostly on female realtors?

Because women are fighters and very passionate… they give everything for nothing… they love unconditionally… they are stronger than rocks… they cry in silence but do not abandon the goal even if it is very hard… its essence and nature is to help other, because within each woman there is a special being with unlimited potential… because women need to relate with other women, they need to be listened to, they need to be active and because they are the essence of the Universe, the Planet, Society, Communities and the Families. 

What are the Requirements to be a Member of MaraiD Realty & Partners™?

Maraid Realtor Benefits

Do You Know Any Realtor Who Would Like to Be Part of MaraiD?

Please help us impact the lives of the first 100,000 realtor women. Share this news with your friends, with your fans in the social media … help us make the difference. We count on you.

Would You Like to Collaborate with Our Life Project?

GREAT!… Although MaraiD is only for women of the Real Estate industry, we accept collaboration from professional men who can help us with what they know best: apps, smart technology, business ideas, strategies, sponsorships, software … and anything that helps the members of our Network of Realtor Partners accelerate their growth and expansion of their business.

We want help women like you. It’s a powerful thing to see women step into their God-given gifts.

We are creating a cloud-based real estate brokerage where women make money doing what they love. And the best part is that this is just the beginning!