No woman is an island

You may have gone into business on your own, but that’s no reason to be alone. We are here to help you advance your career and improve your lifestyle.


MaraiD Realty & Partners is Re-Evolution, Transformation and Innovation… To become one of our Realtor Partners it is necessary to meet certain requirements.Check now if you meet them.

Do You Meet all These Requirements?

If You say Yes… Great… 

Welcome to the Network of Women Realtor

The Benefits For Our Realtor Partners

Join Our Cloud-Based Real Estate Brokerage Now... and Start Earning More Money, Working Less.

You can earn more than 100% commission by referring other Female Agents to MaraiD.​ 

You get paid unlimited residual bonuses.  10% of the gross commission from your sponsored agents in all of their closed transactions.

Build a profitable business and find time for important things in your life, reach your goals with a professional coach.

Our unlimited agent sponsorship program gives female agents the opportunity to refer other female agents and make 10% from every transaction they close.

Our In-House Closing Coordinator offer to you a turnkey Transaction Coordination Service for both Buyers and Sellers. We keep you on task to save time so like this you can spend less time on paperwork and more time with your clients.

More Leads, More Income, More Freedom and Better Future for our female partners and their families.

Our retirement plan gives you the opportunity to have money when you need it the most. There is no age required to receive your retirement income. You receive the money anywhere in the world where you are.

Work without stress. Not only is it free but it covers you up to 1 million dollars, with only $ 1,000-$2,000 of deductible.

The CRM will increase your sales revenues, lead conversion, customer satisfaction and frequency of your closed transactions.

Huge discount for your post-license courses. Sales Associate Post-License course: $99 and Broker Post-License: $199. We want you focused on training and growing and expanding your business. The continue education is FREE.

The Broker Course for our Realtor Partners at just $199. We love rewarding our agents because they help us grow to MaraiD.

This type of technology allows you to manage your business 100% online at any time, from everywhere and from any device. This flexibility keeps you connected to your business all the time, regardless of whether you are at home or on vacation.

Our Lending Division help you close more transactions and as results earn more income. We have several types of loans: Residential, Commercial Jumbo, Private loans and more…

It does not matter if you are a new or experienced agent you will always have the support and collaboration of your broker, coach and agent partners 365 days a year.

Lead generating IDX websites with built-in CRM to track new and existing business. Always be in touch with your clients.

Boost productivity, close more deals and stay ahead of the game. Access documents from any computer, any browser, anywhere. Stay organized and show up to closing without paper.

Our continue marketing campaigns have the purpose of generating leads for our agents at No extra cost.

No more delay in paying your commission and referral bonuses. Both will be sent immediately after closing by email. (eChecks)

Are You Ready To Join The Only Cloud-Based Real Estate Brokerage focused on Advancing Women in real estate?