Unlimited Residual Income

Your Own Commission + Unlimited Referral Bonuses =

Unlimited Residual Income


How Much Want You Make?

MaraiD Income Accelerator Program™ gives our REALTOR PARTNERS™ the opportunity to Unlimited Earning Potential. That is a recurring income that you earn when you invite other women to MaraiD Realty to become a member of our network of enlightened women.

Would you like to be able to earn commission from all the realtors that you invite to our cloud-based real estate brokerage and are sponsored by you? …  Would you like to be able to earn commission from the agents that sponsor the realtors that you sponsored? … Would you like to earn commission of the realtors of your network by 4 levels of depth?

No other Real Estate company gives you this powerful business  opportunity. MaraiD Realty & Partners is the Only one.

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Marais Realty Benefits




Sell for More


If You Want To Earn More Than 100% of Commission... All You Need is… MaraiD Realty & Partners™


One Agent


Just Refer ONE AGENT and You could be paying your monthly CAR PAYMENT!.. But no any car… but for your Lovely Car.

The only thing that you have to do is share whit others REALTORS by email or social media… how your business has grown since you are a member of our exclusive Realtors Partners Networt.

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Referring just

Three Agents

Referring just THREE AGENTS… You could pay for that DREAM VACATION with your Family

Share MaraiD Realty & Partners with your Realtor friends and those Agents with whom you have already done business.


REFERRING JUST                   

Five Agents

Refer FIVE AGENTS, and you could be making your monthly MORTGAGE PAYMENTS of your primary residence and your investment property. Sounds Good? … sounds GREAT.

Just take action Now… Join our Network…  start living as you deserve and made your business Work For You … Not You for Your Business. Start Today to Create Your NEW Lifestyle.

Take action Now… Join our Professional Network…  Start living as You deserve and Made your business Work For You … Not You for Your Business. 



Income Accelerator Program
How MaraiD Income Accelerator Program Work?

• Do you know any Realtor who wants to grow their real estate business?
• Do you know any Agent that wants to geographically expand their business and does not know how to do it?
• Do you know any Realtor who wants to earn more money… working less?
• Do you know a Realtor who wants her income not to stop, even though she is on vacation?


If you know some woman like that … invite her to join MaraiD Realty. She can live anywhere in Florida. If she registers with MaraiD, you earn 10% of her Gross Commission each time she closes a transaction.

Example: You are a MaraiD Realty Sales Associate. You tells your friend that is also a Realtor about MaraiD Realty’s business model, its residual income and benefits. Your friend joins our brokerage and closes a transaction. MaraiD Realty pays you 10% of the total gross commission paid to your realtor friend every time he closes a transaction.

Unlimited Residual Income

The Success Math

Gross Commission of Your Friend : $10,000 
You Receive: $1,000 (Referral Bonus =10% ) … Why?… Because YOU invited your Friend to join MaraiD Realty.

The Referral Bonuses are paid from MaraiD’s Company Dollar.

That is just part of the program. All details all the details of the program will be given to you in your interview.


How Much Want You Make?

MaraiD Realty is a cloud-based real estate brokerage that give to its agents the opportunity to ear unlimited passive income. If you referred and sponsored 20 real estate agents and they had an annual sales volume of $3 M each… You would be making an EXTRA $240,000 on top of your personal sales production.* There is NO CAP on how much you can earn!

As long as both… You and your Partners (sales associates and brokers sponsored directly by you) are active licensees with MaraiD … the 10% referral bonuses are payable to you for every residential and commercial transaction they closed. That commission come from the company dollar.


*Projections based on each agent sales production of $3M and 3% GCI. Your recurring income don’t have limit. All depend of your goals and effort.*

*Disclaimer: MaraiD Realty is committed to providing business tools and services that enhance the careers of our experienced REALTORS®. The information and figures presented are speculative and intended for informative purposes only. Figures may vary by location and are subject to change. MaraiD Realty is not making any claims or guarantees regarding any income you may earn. Do not assume that you will earn the income figures depicted herein. Contact Us for additional information.

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