Why Join MaraiD Realty and Partners?

Welcome to our Network of Real Estate Agents. The start of your real business transformation… along with endless business opportunities, flexible hours, and the possibility to run your business 100% online: Anytime, Anywhere and from Any Device… plus Multiple Streams of Income. Discover right now if you meet the necessary requirements to become a Realtor Partner.

Passive Income Never STOP

Cloud-Based Real Estate Brokerage

We are an innovative, full-service, cloud-based brokerage that give to Realtors More Money, More Time, Smart Technology, and the Freedom to work from wherever they want. Our industry-leading training, coaching, and support will help them build a successful real estate business and career.

Our cloud business model give to them the ability to create multiple streams of income and the opportunity to earn MORE than 100% Commission, which includes more than 10% referral bonus for agents: 10% for the Realtors Partners sponsored directly by them (First Generation) and unlimited bonuses for Realtors Partners™ on their second, third and fourth generations.

What Motivates You?

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Build You Own Team and Expand Your Business?

Do you currently have a team, and looking for a better structure?

Or… Are you looking to join a team?

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Become a Successful Real Estate Consultant?

Do you love advise your clients? Do you like provide research, market analysis and create smart investments strategies for your clients?

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Track Your Business and Follow Your Clients in our Cloud Base Platform!

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Why Join Our Network of Realtor Partners

When you join our network, you enjoy a lot of benefits and have the opportunity to earn unlimited residual income and unlimited referral bonuses when you share your experiences with other realtors.

What are the requirements that you need to meet to be a Realtor Partner?

  • Be a Woman
  • Be a Realtor
  • Have an Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Be a Collaborator
  • Be Full Time in your Real Estate business
  • Have at least 2 years of experience or 5 closed transactions
  • Be Open to Changes and Be Willing to Learn

If you meet these requirements, then you are ready to join MaraiD Realty & Partners today. We are waiting for you. 

MaraiD Realty is the only cloud-based real estate company focused on women advancement in real estate through networking, education, innovation and entrepreneurship. Some of the benefits that we offer to our female real estate agents are:

  • The Opportunity to Earn More Than 100% Commission
  • FREE Transaction Coordination Service (save $299- $349)
  • FREE Quality Leads Generation Program/Software at NO cost to You (Value $299 Monthly)
  • FREE Advance Trainings (Value: $199- $499)
  • FREE Exclusive Retirement Plan (Invaluable)
  • FREE One 2 One Coaching Program 
  • FREE Error and Omission Coverage
  • FREE Continue Education and Re-Activation Courses
  • FREE Cloud Technology 
  • 10 Ways to Generate Unlimited Income (Active and Passive)
  • In-House Lending, Title, Inspection, Property Management, Insurance and Commercial Divisions
  • FREE Sale Associate Post-License Course (Save$300)
  • FREE Broker Post-License Course(Save $400)
  • On-Demand Broker and Team Support 7 days a week
  • FREE Investment Consulting for you and for your clients
  • And For every new agent YOU SPONSOR… You Earn the 10% of their Gross Commission per every transaction they ever do with us. (Unlimited Referral Bonuses)
  • Opportunity to become a successful Real Estate Investor
  • And Much More…

Our cloud-based business model includes cloud technology, strategies, training, unparalleled support and powerful connection to crush it in your business and facilitates your economic expansion and growth. 

We are empowering women like you and helping them create better futures. To experience the power of women in real estate, you need to join MaraiD Realty & Partners ™


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